St. Domnius

Saint Domnius (also known as sv. Duje) was a Bishop of Salona (today's Solin) around the year 300 and is venerated as the patron of the nearby city of Split. Salona was a large Roman city serving as capital of the Province of Dalmatia.

In statute of the City of Split ( Lat. Statutum civitatis Spalati ) writen in 1312, it says that we should celebrate and respect st. Domnius. So we do. The feast for Saint Domnius is celebrated each year on May 7th with a magnificent procession throughout the town center. 



Available as digital giclee prints in different sizes:

We use Fine Art Cotton Velvet 270g paper 

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All ForGas prints are handprinted with minimal environmental impact, using low VOC, water-based pigment ink that has been selected for its eco-friendly characteristics.

Paper is selected based on type of effect we want to achive for individual art. We are using only hi-quality Arjowiggins, Fabriano, Gmund and Munken papers in our studio.




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